In my spare time, I volunteer with the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA).  VOKRA is a no-kill, volunteer run cat rescue organization that operates a trap/neuter/return program that has greatly reduced the number of feral cats on the streets of Vancouver and surrounding communities.  

I am on the medical team at the Operations Centre and my volunteer shifts can involve providing baths and medication to kittens with ringworm (a skin infection), administering medications to sick cats and subcutaneous fluids to dehydrated cats, and monitoring cats with various health concerns.

I also act as one VOKRA’s foster homes, providing a temporary home for cats who are waiting for adoption. Fostering cats is a great option for me because I don’t have to worry about finding a catsitter when I go on extended research trips!


Bonnie: My third foster cat (and first foster kitten!) came into my life just as work-from-home started.  She is named after Dr. Bonnie Henry, the BC Provincial Health Officer who is leading us through the COVID-19 pandemic, as both have a calming effect.  She moved to her forever home in June!


Khozmo: My second foster cat is a very sweet fellow who loves being up high and zooming around the apartment while chasing after crunchy treats. He got moved to another foster home while I was travelling for work and was subsequently adopted!


Welly: My first foster cat came to me with the name Welly but I called him Wally Broecker or Walter Munk and he has found his forever home!